Vision Day 2014 Recap

Check out photos of the Vision Day service. Pastor Toby shared the God given vision of Higher Mountain Church and taught a dynamic message on being the light of the world as we show the world that Jesus is the Light of life!  Pastor Toby states that casting vision is essential for ministry.

Some of the photos which captured precious moments are:

Kicking off vision day, Lady Nicole singing about the goodness Jesus in praise and worship, the precious people enjoying teaching about the Grace of Christ, Pastor Toby ordaining and installing Garett Smith as executive pastor of Higher Mountain Church. Garett is now second in command on the pastoral staff. Other photos include priceless moments, laughter, enlightenment and much much more.

Vision Day Kick offfaith filled atmospherehumor on the way to church who are we Thats right 9am prep time precious people praising Jesus Pastor Toby ordaining Garett Passion ordaining Garett Ord Locked into the vision Learning About The Grace of Christ Lady Nicole Casting Vision All about JesusLearning About The Grace of Christ humor


















Outside view